Buyer's Guide: Overview of Customizable Options Part 1

Buyer's Guide: Overview of Customizable Options Part 1

Buying your first doll can be  a daunting task, and we here at 3DXDolls have hoped that our buyer’s guide has made it easy and knowledgeable about picking out your first doll.  In this guide we are going to go over the customizing options that you will see when picking out for your companion. Let's get into it.

In this tutorial let's choose our lovely Sammy as the demonstration model. Once you have opened Sammy’s store page here

The first option you’re going to skin is her skin tone. You can have her be your pale skin goth beauty all the way to a sexy ebony lover. All dolls (unless explicitly noted) will come in a variety of skin shades for your personal preference.  You can choose “as in the photo” if you want that specific skin tone as demonstrated in the promo picture. 

Next up is skeleton. We automatically chose the EVO skeleton option for you as it's the more advanced of the two and it’s free! If you want more information on this check out our guide here 

A second head is available for free when you purchase your doll. If you want to add a second head to your purchase you can choose from a variety of different styles we have here in the store. It's like mixing and matching your girls. It also adds a bit of variety to your doll as you can imagine having a second lover joining you in the bedroom.  If you want to get a third head that is available at an additional cost. If however you don’t like the heads provided and want a custom one made, we will be offering this option to you in the future. With the help of our 3D modelers we will be able to create the head of your dreams. Keep an eye out for that coming in the new year.

Eye color options are a good way to add variety to your doll. You can choose the one in the product images, or pick a different one to your liking. We can even add cat eyes if you want a more exotic looking girl. Fun for role playing your favorite MMO characters! 

Eye brows open up very specific options for the dolls. If you want a more realistic look to your doll, getting implanted eyebrows will cause the doll’s head to be made out of a harder form of TPE, thus  it will become static and no longer be useable for sex.  If you want to stick with the painted-on version of the eye brows you will be able to use it for oral and get all the extra mouth options. 

You can choose a second hairstyle to go along with your doll aside from the one that is offered as part of her promotional images. Adding a second style can help add variety to your doll and is great for setting up different role playing sessions. We highly recommend getting another wig to go along with your purchase.  If you want a more specific hairstyle, you can find a variety of online shops that offer wigs of varying quality online that are all compatible with your doll. 

In part 2 of this guide we will cover the more intimate options available to customize on your doll. Until then stay tune! 

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