Shipping & Delivery Information for 3DXDolls Shipping, Customs & Taxes:

  • We offer FREE worldwide shipping on all full size sex dolls.
  • No hidden fees and no extra charges for USA, UK & EU customers.
  • All taxes and customs clearance fees are included in the price and taken care of by us whenever possible.*
  • We cannot ship to countries that have strict laws regarding sex dolls. Please check your local laws in regards first before making your order. 
  • Tantaly Dolls offer free shipping to the USA, CA, and the EU. For all other countries there is an additional shipping fee. Please look at their shipping information here:

*For USA, UK & EU countries, we always pre-pay customs taxes and shipping charges for you. This is included on the displayed price and there are no additional costs.

*For CAN, NOR, AUS and SA and a few other countries it is not possible to pay import charges upfront. In this case, we are happy to split the duty fees with you and also manage the liaison with import customs, so it is stress-free for you. On average the additional fee is approx $100 and in most cases we can give you an estimate of cost prior to purchase. 


  • All our sex dolls are delivered in 100% discrete packaging. 
  • Sex dolls arrive in an unbraided plain brown box..
  • The courier or handler will not know what is in the box.
  • We always respect your privacy when shopping with us.. 
  • The contents will be stated on customs declaration as "Mannequin", not as a doll.  
Female Doll Height

(175 cm) 

(168-174 cm)

(162cm-167 cm)

(150-162 cm)

Box Dimensions

11’ x 18’ x 66’
(28*46*168 cm)

13’ x 16.9’ x 62’
(35*43*160 cm)

11’x 16’ x 62.9’
(28*43*160 cm)

11’ x 16’ x 59’
(28*43*150 cm)


Being that all dolls are hand made by the manufacturer we have to take that into consideration for all shipping of the products. This also includes pre-made models. However we aim to have them shipped to you as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest quality. 

  • 3DXDolls uses both UPS and FedEx for all worldwide deliveries , Both couriers provide regular progress & tracking updates so you know your delivery date in advance.
  • Once your tracking number is received you can follow it via your chosen shipping service. 
  • You will be issued a tracking number 3 - 4 days after dispatch so you can follow the journey, tracking will also sync with your 3DXDolls account
  • For UPS you can join "My Choice" (free) to schedule a delivery date that suits you. 

What comes after I order my love doll?

Being that we live in a constantly changing world. We can’t actively predict the exact ordering process, but we can give you assistance on how everything will progress and help you with your order.

Disclaimer: The following is an estimated timeline for delivery. This should not be taken as an “exact” time table  of when your product will arrive. The following timeline does not account for delays caused by extremely busy periods, holiday seasons including Chinese New Year, and any delays caused by unforeseen circumstances (including COVID-19 and any additional lock downs that may arise worldwide).

The total average time from order to delivery is 3 - 6 weeks. This can be longer or shorter depending on your location, your choice of doll, the time of year and the manufacturer of your doll. Once your order is placed, you'll receive a confirmation email immediately with a review of your order details.

  • We will manually check your order and ensure all the information and details are correct. If something is missing or seems a bit odd, we'll get in touch to confirm everything with you. 
  • We allow a 24-hour grace period in case you have any last-minute changes. 
  • Your order is then passed onto our workshop management and placed in a queue for production.
  • When your doll gets to the front of the queue*, the workshop fabricators and artists begin the process of creating your doll. The estimated time for fabrication is 5 - 21 days depending on brand and model type **
  • Once your doll has been completed, our staff carry out a thorough quality control check and photographs are taken of your doll for your approval, these are referred to as factory photos. (Keep in mind that these photos will come from WMDoll themselves and not as they will have your email through your account purchase)
  • When you are happy with your doll, and any necessary changes have been carried out, your doll is carefully packaged and prepared for shipping.
  • Once shipped, you will receive a tracking number within 3-4 days.
  • At this point, your doll has begun the journey to your home and should be with you as soon as possible! (Average time 3-5 days USA or 10-14 days for UK & Europe). **
  • You will also receive an email containing useful information on the following: Unboxing / Cleaning Before Use/ User Manual and a few other fun stuff.
  • For a more precise timeline, specific to your order, please contact our awesome staff (  before purchase, and we’ll let you know what timeframes we are currently experiencing.


*Queue times vary depending on manufacturer, model and time of year, ranging from 1 day to 2 weeks+ for very popular, or newly released dolls. If you would like an estimate of the queue times for your specific doll, please contact me before placing your order.

**Some exceptions to production and delivery times include extremely busy periods, holiday seasons, including CNY (Chinese New Year), and any unforeseen circumstances (Like COVID-19). If there are delays to your order, we will keep you updated.

**We are currently experiencing some delays with delivery times due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Please check with us to get a realistic time frame of delivery on live chat.  

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