We’re an official spin off of the 3DX site Affect3D.com and the Affect3Dstore.com. While Affect3D’s content remains in the virtual world with groundbreaking 3D based erotica, 3DxDolls aims to explore what we can achieve in the physical world with the ever growing world of love dolls.

Why love dolls?

Many times we've been contacted in regards to our more popular characters being made into miniature dolls even love dolls. After looking into how advanced doll manufacturing had become our eyes opened to the possibilities. Imagine not just following your favorite 3DX character’s story on screen but actually seeing them brought to life... And then getting the chance to fuck them :)

With the ever increasing appeal of the love doll market, along with its growing sophistication, it seemed only natural to bridge the gap from virtual to real world with the creation of 3DXDolls. Our goal is to partner with the best 3DX talent out there to realize some of the most prolific and blue balls inducing characters spanning 3DX, anime, and gaming.

In 2021 and onwards, 3DxDolls aims to become your premier destination for all your love doll needs. First and foremost, we'll be working only with the top tier doll companies and focusing on quality over quantity. Our initial selection on opening is with pre-selected models that we felt best represented the quality of models we want to offer. Over the course of the year we will be adding exclusive custom models based on characters you may recognize. It may just bring a tear to your eye in terms of their construction, build, and beauty. Stop by again soon and see what we have on offer!

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