Below FAQ are some common questions our customers have. If you have other questions, please send them to or use our contact us form.
As Affect3D we have a background in 3DX images, animation and 3D character modeling. We got a lot of requests to create physical versions of our 3D community’s characters and thus 3DxDolls was born. We hope to merge the world of 3DX and love dolls to bring to life exclusive 3DX characters in the realms of 3DX, anime and gaming. For a more in detailed response check out our About Us page.
A love doll is a full sized, anatomically correct human shaped model. Used for a variety of purposes from sex and companionship to product display, fashion, make up, jewelry, and therapeutic uses. There are female, male and trans shaped models.
3DxDolls is new and determined to become the leading destination for love dolls. We've cultivated some of the best 3DX modelers and artists in the world and aim to use our collective talent to usher in the next generation of premium love dolls with an unreal level of detail in both their construction and appeal. Our own line of love dolls will specifically target emerging genres such as 3dx, anime and gaming and will be exclusively available at 3DxDolls.
Yes, love dolls are legal to own with few exceptions including some Middle Eastern and African countries. Please check local state and national laws if you live in such areas.
Please see the page here where I break down the differences between TPE and Silicon for an easy understanding of the two materials.
Love dolls range in all sizes from under 4ft to full size dolls over 5’9ft. However due to the standard we have here at we will not be offering dolls under 5 ft. Check out our product selection to see the wide variety of shapes and sizes we carry.
While customers will generally purchase their first doll as a sex toy, we’ve found that having a sex/love doll actually often evolves to companionship. Whole instagram accounts have sprouted up of owners celebrating their doll collection to the world and gained quite the fan base. Some have even used their dolls as product showcases earning themselves a small income from the doll as a model! Our aim is to break the stigma of owning a love doll for all uses including sex toy, a highly prized collectible item or even as a companion.
Yes your love dolls can easily be stored in your closet, or in a large sized storage crate or container. We also sell full sized flight lockable flight cases for your privacy and security when storing your doll when not in use.
Unlike traditional blow up dolls of the past that were constructed with flimsy plastic, today’s modern love doll is constructed over a full size metal skeleton. They have 95% full range of motion. They are made either of TPE or Medical grade Silicon. Being so the time, energy, and craftsmanship that each doll takes to complete warrants a higher customer cost. However you are getting a much superior product that if taken care of, will last many years to come. We get our dolls directly through the manufacturer to insure quality of each model. We don’t use any middle man services for our catalogue and each doll that is in our store is handpicked by me to make sure that it lives up to the quality control we have set for ourselves. If I don’t believe the doll is satisfactory in terms of construction, aesthetics, and market appeal I will not carry it. I don’t believe in having an overstocked store full of dolls that will never sell or find a good home.
Yes. Any of our dolls can be fully customized to your specific preference from the skin, eye and nail colors, hair style, pubic hair, type of vagina and more.
For your privacy all products shipped with be in a plain brown box with no product descriptions to ensure your privacy. You may also purchase a lockable flight case for secure hiding from our sore for when your doll is not in use.
First visit the product section on and check out our selection of the best premade models we have picked out. Once added to your cart, select purchase and move to the next page and enter in your shipping and payment information. Once your order has been processed you will receive a confirmation order letting you know that your transaction has been approved.
Upon completion you will get an email letting you know that your order has been processed. If you have selected a pre-selected model it will be shipped within one to two weeks depending on availability. Custom orders may take 3-4 weeks to ship. You will be provided with all tracking numbers for convenience once the doll has been shipped from the manufacturer.
If you have found that the package has been damaged during shipping, missing parts, damaged to the doll itself, it can be returned and exchanged for a new doll or a refund. However once the doll has been removed and used by the purchaser it cannot be returned.
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