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We provide a free accessories kit to go with all your purchases. The following items are included. 

1. Accessory carrying bag

A tidy bag to put all your doll's accessories in one easy to find place. 

2. Large full size towel

A large full size towel to carry your doll from location to location, drying, or keeping your sheets/floor dry from any bodily fluids. 


3. Dust free microfiber gloves

Gloves to move your doll around for position. Also useful for wiping off any dust, lint, or debris that falls on your doll during movement. 


4. USB heating rod

A USB powered heating rod to get your doll's orifices up to human temperature. Use on their vagina, anus, or mouth for maximum comfort. 

5 Water douche

A cleaning douche to keep your doll nice and clean. Just fill with soapy hot water and flush her out!  We advise that you only use this douche on your doll and not yourself. 


6. Hair comb

A hair comb for brushing your doll's hair and keeping her nice and pretty for you! 


7.  Hanging Kit

A doll hanging kit. Just screw in the attached ring to your doll's neck and hang her from your closet for easy storage and privacy. Can support all WM Doll models. 

8.  Complimentary Lingerie

A free set of lingerie fitted to your doll model. Start her wardrobe out in style with this sexy little assemble. 

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