Buyer's Guide: Your hair selection

Buyer's Guide: Your hair selection

Hair types - What kind are there?

When choosing your companions' hair, it’s important to note there are three different types!

Wigs, implanted hair and implanted natural human hair.



Wigs can be easily replaced, swapped out, and styled. These sit on top of your doll’s head usually tightened via rope or elastic band built into the wig. 

Wigs can oftentimes look unrealistic, depending on the quality of the wig. Poor quality can lead to lack of realism and loss of shine depending on the blend of synthetic polymers used.

We always recommend a high-quality wig that is brushed with a metal bristle brush or comb semi-regularly to keep it free of knots. When combing or brushing, be sure to work from the tips of the hair to the skull working in three for four-inch sections at a time.

A big benefit of wigs being replaceable means that you can change up the look of your girl quickly and with ease at any time!

When ordering your new playtime companion, you can either choose to use the default wig included, no wig or choose a different wig from our store!


Implanted hair:



Implanted hair can only be used on silicone dolls due to the rigidity of the head and base material, with that being said, oral sex is not possible with implanted hair. This hair is implanted directly into the head of your companion, leading it to look more natural and realistic than a wig. This is also permanent.


Implanted human hair:



Implanted human hair is the same as implanted hair, only real human hair is used in this method. This hair, just like real hair, requires some general maintenance after usage. With each clean, we do suggest washing the hair so that your companion maintains her human-like luster and shine.


This option is the most realistic and allows you to style your companion's hair in any way you choose.


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