Buyer's Guide: Solid, Hollow, Gel Breasts

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Buyer's Guide: Solid, Hollow, Gel Breasts

Here at 3DXDolls we appreciate breasts of all shapes and sizes. If you like little boobs we have that covered with our sexy A and B cup models. If you want a handful our C-D cup beauts bring the loving to you. Now if you’re like me and want as big as you can get, we have breasts all the way up to M cups if you absolutely want to be smothered by titties

To show off these amazing boobies, WM Doll was nice enough to send us some video previews! Enjoy!

 Keeping that in mind we offer a variety of different breasts types on our dolls. In this buyer’s guide, I’ll go over what we offer and what future dolls will feature.

 Generally the standard option is for solid breasts. This means that the breasts are made of the same material as the rest of the doll when poured through the mold. 

Next up is our hollow option. Hollow breasts allow for a softer and more realistic feel than the solid option. The breasts are more squeezable, softer, and jiggles more freely.

Last on our list are the newest kinds of breasts being offered. Gel filled breasts. The gel fills the  inside of the breast  and has an even more realistic feel than the hollow option and moves just as freely as the hollow option.

Thanks for checking out this 3DXDoll’s buyer’s guide. Please remember all these guides will be updated with photos, video demonstrations, and tutorials once we start getting dolls in for review. Our aim is to create a more comprehensive encyclopedia of doll knowledge on the internet! 

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