Buyer's Guide: Vaginas

Buyer's Guide: Vaginas

Buyer’s Guide : Vaginas

Here at 3DXDolls our models come with a variety of different vagina types to choose from. In this buyer’s guide I’ll go over the options you can choose from when it comes to picking out your future companion.

Keep in mind this will be a general overview and in the future I will be providing video demonstrations and tutorials going over each one. Also cleaning and caring for your doll will come in a separate post in the near future. 

Fixed Vagina (Normal)

The first option we have for doll owners is the fixed vagina. This type of vagina often provides the most realistic feeling in terms of actual sex with your doll. The vagina is non removable and is built in permanently into your doll’s body. 

Fixed Vagina (Advance Uterus Option)

The newest option is the built in fixed vagina with uterus technology. This option feels much more realistic than any other and has texture inside that creates this realism. Also with our newer vaginas they are self lubricating with a small amount of water.

Removable vagina

One of the preferred options is the Removable vagina. Here the vaginal sleeve looks much like a Flesh light type toy and  fits into the corresponding orifice. Once finished you can easily remove the sleeve and raise it out for easy cleaning. Also the sleeves can be replaced when they’ve been stretched out or replaced with a different sleeve that best suits your physically.

Removable vagina (Self lubricating)

One of the newer options added to WM doll is the self lubricating removable insert. This like the new advance uterus option allows the vaginal sleeve to natural lubricate itself during sex. Using only a small amount of water you can achieve pretty realistic effects with the newer sleeve. 

To see a video demonstration just watch the clip below

Pros and Cons.

When it comes to picking out the right vagina for you to use with your doll there are a variety of pros and cons that are going to come with each.

For the fixed vaginas you’re going to get the most realistic feeling when it comes to sex. Especially with the new uterus system WM doll as put into their newer models. However cleaning and caring for your doll will be a bit more of a hassle as you will have to flush the doll out after each usage. This will involve a douche, towels, and positioning your doll that all material will be flushed out. Again this must be done to ensure that your doll stays safe and bacteria free for future usages. Using a simple water/alcohol solution is all you really need to ensure she is properly cleansed and ready to be used again. You can use a simple moisture absorbing stick too to ensure that she has properly dried out. 

For the removable vagina, the pros are that its much easier to use and clean. Just simply remove it from the cavity, rinse it out, and let it dry. Similar to any kind of male sex toy.

You do still need to clean around the surrounding area and clean the cavity out if there is any spillage after use. Another pro of the removable vagina is that once its gets stretched out you can easily replace it with a newer tighter sleeve. 

One of the cons however is that you can’t use your favorite Fleshight sleeve with the dolls as they’re not compatible. I will test this out in the future. 

Again once the dolls start arriving I’ll be doing full video tutorials on all these processes for you to review.

What does the future hold?

With time and development the vaginal capabilities of the dolls are only going to get better. There have been 3rd party inventors making custom vibrating and rotating sex toys that can fix into the cavity of the doll. If those are successful we will look into adding those unto the store after some testing. Until then see you next time! 

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