Buyer's Guide: Regular or Standing Feet

Buyer's Guide: Regular or Standing Feet


Buyer’s Guide : Regular Vs Standing Feet


I’m going to admit something with you all. I’m a huge foot fan. I mean lady’s feet drive me up the wall. It's often the determining factor for me in terms of the ladies I date.  Foot Fetish is actually the number one fetish in the world and it's often an unappreciated one at that.

However, if feet aren’t really your thing and just a forethought, we have a couple of different options for you when picking out your first doll. However in both cases I would recommend you putting socks or shoes on your doll as their feet are prone to picking up very little pieces of dust and lint around. It also prevents wear and tear on your doll’s soles. 

Standing feet option 

Most dolls used for promos are using the standing feet option

Standing feet on all WM Dolls consists of 3 metal bolts that are attached to the model’s foot. These bolts allow the doll to stand and bear the weight of its material. This can be helped too with boots and proper shoes. They can be a little unsightly with them sticking out of the foot, but if that bothers you, you can just put socks over them and they work fine. When not in use these bolts come with caps that can hide them from sight. But just putting on some sexy heels on your doll can work just as fine. 

Regular feet option


Next up is the regular foot option. If your doll is mostly going to be lounging around your home be it your sofa, bed, etc. Then this option would be best for you. However you won’t be able to stand your doll up for photography of any position that requires it. There are no bolts sticking out of the foot so you get a nice smooth effect. Just slip on some heels, sandals, or socks and you'll be good to go. 

What does the future hold? 


With current gen dolls I have to say that the feet still have a ways to go in terms of aesthetic appeal. Most likely this is due to budget factors as having fully articulated toes would increase the cost of the doll. This too is often seen in the hands where a simple metal plate is used for the wrists and wiring is used for the fingers. This can lead to damage over time. The toes of a doll don’t even get that. Now there have been breakthroughs in this area with some doll companies now offering standing feet options with no bolts showing. This is something we will be looking into at 3DxDolls to add to our collection. Other companies have fully articulated toes however that add several thousand dollars to the construction of the doll. We will look into a budget friendly and innovative way to add better toes to our ladies while saving you money. 

Below are examples of next-gen fully articulated feet. Coming soon to WM Dolls!


You can see here the level of detail that goes into the construction of fully articulated feet and toes. Hence the additional costs to the doll.

My promise to you as store director of 3DxDolls is that I will not rest until our dolls have the most beautiful and perfect feet imaginable. If I have to go to the ends of the earth to find the perfect foot model I will do so! We will have the feet! 

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