Buyer's Guide: Evo Skeleton - Shrugging Shoulders

Buyer's Guide: Evo Skeleton - Shrugging Shoulders

To Shrug or not to Shrug?

Here at 3DxDolls we believe in bringing you the best information on love dolls. This is the first in a series of buyer’s guides that will help you, the first time buyer, pick out what options we have available for your first purchase. Over the course of the next weeks I’ll be writing a series of guides to help you along on your journey. Please check back often as I’ll be updating these guides with images, videos demonstrations, and voice over tutorials. Let's begin.
The newer models with the evo skeleton allows the dolls to more realistically position itself for you when it comes to having fun. Placing the arms over her head or behind her back to make for more realistic sexual positions. Also the advanced shoulders makes it easier for your doll to hold you in her loving embrace during those wild nights of passion!

For those of you wanting to use your doll for more than just sex, the evo-skeleton shoulders help create a greater sense of expression and emotion when used correctly in photography and video shots. Non-shrugging shoulders will still be effective in photos, but you will have to be a bit more creative in your compositions. Please check out the image below to compare. On the left are non-shrugging shoulders, to the right, shrugging shoulders. This is great for those of you that want to use your doll for promotion, fashion, and cosplay shots.

The original run of love dolls didn’t have this option in their metal frame. But advances in construction of the evo-skeleton now allowed 95% accurate movement in shoulder positioning.

We recommend opting for Evo skeleton shrugging shoulders where available. At 3DxDolls we provide this as a free upgrade. Not only will you be getting a more advanced model, but one that is more comfortable for you to pose and position.
I have the feeling that eventually all dolls will have evo-skeletons built into their frame. Eventually phasing out some of the older models that still use the more rigid construction. We here at 3DxDolls will make sure to keep you updated on the all advancements in the industry!

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