Customer Factory Photos

Here at 3DX Dolls our customers mean everything to us. Being such we always provide our customers with the utmost respect in terms of their privacy and security when ordering.

We have been very fortunate that clients have been more than happy to give us and our audience a peek behind the curtain of their doll being made to order.

These are just a small selection of behind the scenes at the WMDoll factory of their dolls coming to life.  Judging on these photos along you can tell that WMDoll runs a tight ship in terms of their factory floor. Everything is run through a variety of tests and conditions before a doll is shipped out. If any imperfections are spotted on your doll, they will be correct if not completely replaced!  You may recognize some of these models from our store page. Let's begin.

First up we have a custom order from a client based in Romania. As you can see they picked up our lovely M-cup beauty. Those bountiful bosoms are going to keep them busy for years to come!

2nd we have this lovely lady getting ready to make her trip to sunny California to her new forever home. We wish them nothing but the best together! 

In this 3rd set we have another sexy model getting ready to ship to Virginia to meet her partner. You can look at the amount of care that goes just into her hands and feet to ensure that she’s up to stuff before being packaged together!

Next up in 4th place, we have another California bound doll getting ready to ship to her new owner! California must be a popular place for doll owners. Maybe it's the fantastic weather. This sexy H-cup model is going to have the time of her life out there. 

Shipping out all the way to New Zealand is this hauntingly beautiful M-cup sized doll. You can see the amount of care going into her figure and packaging as she gets ready to make the long trip to her new home. 

Heading out to  Idaho, USA this sexy little C-cup beauty is getting ready to make her trip to her new forever home.  I really love the skin tone and hair on this model. I’m sure she’s going to have a wonderful time with her new partner.

Last but not least is a model that I’m sure a lot of you have seen around. This extra thick doll has been featured on numerous music videos and YouTube review videos. It looks like she’s gained another fan and is getting ready to ship out!  

That’s it for this behind the scenes look at the doll factory at WMDoll. Be on the lookout for future updates and additional factory tours in the future! You never know, We may go out and take a look for ourselves in the future! 

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