Doll Clothing 101: The Basic

Doll Clothing 101: The Basic
One of the joys of doll ownership is the endless possibilities you have when it comes to stylizing your love doll. Since dolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes you are not wanting when it comes to picking out the right outfit for your new companion.


Being such, you might get a little overwhelmed when picking out your first outfit. As with all dolls, you will get a starter outfit when you make your initial purchase. It's a simple slip that lets you give your doll a bit of modesty when she first arrives and when not in use. However after that what she wears is going to be up to you. In this guide I’m going to tell you some simple ways to get your doll looking fashionable.

First up, your doll’s measurements are going to play a major factor when you first start picking out outfits. As most dolls have Barbie doll like proportions, clothes are going to take some minor adjusting to fit right. Keep those measurements handy when doing online shopping as you want to avoid doing returns if something doesn’t fit. If your doll is rather busty you may need to have a check at a store made for rather busty ladies that carry sizes not normally found in retail shops. You may also want to check for elastic tops and bottoms. Please keep in mind when buying your doll what kind of clothing she’s going to need. If you are still having trouble you could contact the retailer directly and put in a special order.

My first suggestion is to pick up some nice matching bras and panties for your doll. These don’t have to be expensive and you can order them privately via whatever shop you may like. Pick out a few pairs to get your started. A silky robe could do wonders too. You could also look into panty hoses to keep her legs covered. Although avoid prolonged wear with black or dark colored clothing on TPE dolls, as cheap clothing have been known to leave stains on the doll material. You shouldn’t run into this issue if you have higher end clothing. For storage we’d recommend a full length body robe or perhaps a full sized tote bag if you need to keep her completely covered for privacy reasons.

Once you start to develop her sense of style, move onto casual clothing like shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops for day wear. You can find some simple shoes for her too as doll feet are notorious for picking up any dirt or dust you have laying around. While some of you may have a thing for feet and like looking at them all day, it's going to be better in the long run to keep them covered when not in use. Keep this in mind too if you live with pets and don’t want them chewing on your doll!

Something you will start to discover is how much money you will be spending on your doll’s clothes. It will almost be like having a real life girlfriend when it comes to expenses! If you want to go easy on your wallet, just keep her in some basic outfits for the time being.

If you’re still having trouble picking outfits you like, check on youtube for what is fashionable for young women nowadays. This will give you a starting point on picking out the right clothing.

Check out the Youtube channel below for some interesting ideas.

Starting a wardrobe for your doll(s) is going to take some time, so don’t get in a hurry when it comes to shopping for them. They’re going to like whatever you pick out needless to say. Also make sure you have room in your closet for their outfits in a secure spot. You wouldn’t want someone to accidentally find your closet full of women’s clothing unintentionally. You can find storage bins that can slide under your bed, in your closet, etc that can keep the doll’s clothing discreet.

This is it for part 1 of Doll clothing basics. Come back later for part 2 when we start looking into more advanced clothing selection. We'll see you soon!

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