Buyer's Guide: Doll Clothing Styles

Buyer's Guide:  Doll Clothing Styles

Buyer’s Guide: Clothing Part 2 Creating a style

Now that you have the basics of clothing underway for your doll, let's take a look at more advanced options as you begin to grow your doll’s wardrobe and style

At this point you should have a few casual outfits to dress your doll during the day. Leaving it nude leaves it to exposure through dust, hair, and dirt. It's best to keep her covered when not in use as it’ll serve to improve the longevity of your purchase. 

You should have at this point:

  • Basic collection of underwear including bra, panties, and socks
  • Simple linen or silk robe
  • Pairs of shorts, t-shirts, and other casual wear
  • Shoes (be it athletic, heels, or sandals)
  • Assortment of wigs (a topic we will cover at a later date)
  • Storage for all said accessories. 

You can purchase jeans for your doll although those can be rather expensive and dressing your doll can be a bit of a hassle. At this point I’d just stick with shorts and skirts for simple ease.

Creating a style

When selecting your first love doll what probably got your attention was the doll’s initial photoshoot. A lot of time and effort went into those shorts to create a genuine style to fit the doll’s face and body type.  As the new owner you’re more than welcome to continue with that look or build your own depending on your own tastes.

Perhaps you like the classic sexy school girl, the sultry goth babe, the sexy streamer gamer girl, or the hot mom next door. Maybe you’re more into kink and fetish play. With your doll you’re more than welcome to indulge those fantasies to your heart's content. That is what owning a doll is for! Check out some of your favorite real life models and inspirations and see what they are wearing. If they have clothing sponsors, check out their shops for ideas and recommendations. 

You’d be surprised how many cheaper alternatives there are to mainstream clothing brands that are popular with today’s women. Check out Esty, Aliexpress, or eBay for alternatives. 

Also a doll’s body type is going to play a big factor in determining what style of clothing is best going to fit on her. 

A 163cm D-cup doll is going to be much easier to shop for than a 174cm G-cup. The 174cm is going to require a lot of custom orders and fittings to get clothing looking right, especially with the larger bust line a lot of tops simply won’t fit. This is going to add to the cost of clothing for future outfits.

 Most online specialty shops should be able to accommodate larger sizes if given the proper measurements of your doll. 

Once you have a desired look in mind, start browsing shops that cater to style and being weighing your options in terms of customizations, shipping, and general costs. 

In part 3 of Doll Clothing basics, we will dip our toes into the world of cosplay and what wonders it will take us with your dolls! Until then stay safe and happy with your doll companion! 

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