Buyer's Guide: Accessories

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Buyer's Guide: Accessories

You’ve done it! You’ve picked out the doll of your dreams and are ready to check out and have her sent to your home. However now you have a variety of accessories to look over. What exactly are all the accessories that you can choose and look over? With this simple guide we will go over what you can pick out to accompany your doll to her new home with you! Let's get into it.

First up on the list is the WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set system. Cleaning your doll after regular use is going to go a long way in protecting both you and your doll. With WM Doll’s Intelligent Cleaning Set, you can ensure that your doll is properly cleaned and disinfected from regular use. Thus protecting you from any unsightly bacteria or mold growth. Cause if that happens your doll is practically unusable. Please check our guide here  on how to clean and maintain your doll for more information in regards. 

Next up we have the Hook Set attachment. This hook screws into place on top of your doll’s neck. Almost all TPE Dolls use the same bolt attachment when connecting their heads. Simply unscrew the head off your doll and screw in this bolt. This allows you to safely hang your doll discreetly in your closet when not in use. For extra privacy I would recommend a large tote bag to place your doll in to prevent her from gathering dust bunnies and being seen by unwanted eyes.

Finally we have the full sized Flight Case. This sturdy heavy duty flight/ storage case comes with travel wheels for easy transport. It's also lockable so you can securely and privately store away your doll. This is great if you are traveling from one place to another for your doll. It should fit all models made my WM Doll. 

If you have any other questions in regards to the accessories you can purchase form 3DXDolls please feel free to contact us.

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