Buyer's Guide: Unboxing your first doll

Buyer's Guide: Unboxing your first doll

The time has arrived. After weeks of waiting your future companion has arrived. Now what do you do? With this simple guide I’ll be walking you through the first steps of having your doll. This will be a written guide, however once dolls start arriving I’ll update this guide with a video tutorial to accompany this. Let's get into it.

First up following the mailing instructions you set up with your postal service you may have your doll delivered right to your doll or the business of your choice. You may even have to go to the local mail service location to pick up the item itself if the postal service is unable to deliver.   Keep in mind that the box will be completely unmarked and no one will know what’s inside. Some countries may have to have the doll box go through customs in order to be delivered. In that case they may open the box to inspect. If this happens and your doll is damaged, please contact us about a replacement ASAP.

Once you have your doll at home, safely cut open the top of the box and surroundings. Be careful not to cut too deep as you don’t want to have any contact with your doll. 

 You can start to remove the packaging material. Please hold onto this in case the doll needs to be returned. If the doll is perfect then you can safely disregard it. 

Your doll will come unassembled with the heads lying safely to the side or in between the doll’s limbs. Take those out and put them safely aside. 

To lift your doll out of the box, I recommend placing your arms around the doll’s torso and loft it from behind as if you’re doing a medicine ball squat. CAUTION: These dolls are heavy, a lot of customers underestimate the weight of the doll or their strength. Please be careful when choosing your doll that you pick one that you are going to be comfortably able to move around. If you are physically disabled you may need to have help when unboxing your doll the first time. Another method of getting the doll out of the box is tilting it on it’s side and having the doll roll out. Just make sure all accessories are removed from the box first.\

Your doll should be packaged completely with her hands and feet wrapped for protection. If you notice a bit of dampness around some areas of your doll, don’t be concerned as it's the natural oils from the TPE material. You can replenish them with a new bath and powder treatment.

We highly recommend giving your doll a bath when you first get her home. This will wash away any dust or dirt that may have come into contact with it during shipping.

 All your accessories should be in the box with your doll. Also included will be a few blankets you can lay the doll on while you finish unpacking all the material and add ons.  If you find that you are missing something please contact us and we will ship out whatever you are missing in a timely manner.

With your doll all dry and clean you can now set up the head with the bolt attachment. 

If you ordered a flight case that may have arrived with your doll or be on its way. You can use that for storage for the doll when not in use, or place it in your closet with the hanging hook attachment. If everything is in order, you can throw away or recycle the box and packing material. 

That’s it! With your new doll companion at your home you'll be good to go! Please let us know how you enjoy them with a review on our store! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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