Buyer's Guide: Mouth options

Buyer's Guide: Mouth options

When it comes to mouths, here at 3DXDolls, we like to think that we have plenty to say. All our lovely dolls have cute little kissable lips that are just right for pecks, smoothes, and perhaps if you’re feeling kinky, some tongue action. 

Keeping that in mind, we offer several different options when picking out the right mouth for your doll. Let’s get into it.

First up we have our standard mouth. This is the default mouth that comes with all dolls. There are no teeth and no tongue add on. This mouth can be used for kissing and oral sex if that is your preference.

Next up is the enhanced mouth. This mouth comes with a lot of newer dolls. It has simulated teeth and tongue if you want to have more interaction with your doll when making out.

Following this we have a mouth kit that is great for when you want to do photography with your doll. Keep in mind that these inserts will go into your doll’s mouth and the hard resin tongue pieces will attach via a magnet. These are not to be used for sex.  We have a standard mouth set and a vampire mouth set for those that want to have a bit more role play with their doll’s photos.  To pick up the mouth kit, you can add it on when choosing your doll. 

Additionally, you can pick up third party tongue props to insert into your doll’s mouth if so desired.  Although you will have to wash them after every use. 


That’s it for this buyer’s guide. If you have any questions feel free to email at


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