3DXDolls Zelex Torso Review

3DXDolls Zelex Torso Review

3DXDolls Product Review

Zelex Torso Doll

One of the cool benefits of operating a doll store is the great relationship that I get to build with the amazing doll makers in the industry. Be it WMDoll, Irontech, and Zelex. 

Being so, Zelex was kind enough to send me one of their newest products to review. Their first ever full silicone torso doll. The torso doll stands at a small height of 1 '5 ft. or 45 cm for our European customers. 

I’m going to break down the pros and cons of the torso dolls for those wanting to get a customer's thoughts on whether or not this product is for you. Also I’ll include some of my own pictures of the doll so you can see it outside of its factory photoshoot.

First up are the pros of the Zelex Torso doll. As mentioned before the torso doll is made of high quality medical grade silicone. With silicone dolls you are going to be able to get a much higher level of detail and coloring that is impossible with TPE dolls. This gives the torso doll amazing textures and coloring through its entire body. Be it the nipples, the goosebumps on the skin, or the coloring on the pussy. It's truly a work of art in that area. The breasts are full and bouncy, probably my favorite part of the doll are they’re a joy to squeeze and fondle. 

The vaginal area is finely crafted and has coloration on the inner and outer labia. Also it has a super cute little clit.

The ass is firm and fit. As if it's modeled after a girl that has spent a lot of time at the gym. 

The doll is very light compared to other torso dolls and it's super easy to transport and move around. It has an internal steel skeleton so it can do some positions, although not many as it cannot twist or turn.

As being silicone the doll is very easy to clean and maintain. Just rinse it off with water and soap after usage and pat dry. You might want to use a moisture absorbing rod if you want to be extra careful but I don’t think it's that necessary as it would be with a TPE Doll. Also you don’t have to worry about leaving it out on dark sheets or towels as it won’t stain or pick up any of the dyes from the surrounding materials.

If you’re one that doesn’t have a lot of privacy or space, then this doll might be for you as it's easy to store away under your bed in a plastic bin or container, or in a dust free bag in your closet. 

However the doll is not perfect and could be improved. Here are my opinions regarding it in that area.

First up the doll is not a 1:1 scale torso, It is a scaled down version of a correctly proportioned sized woman. So you don’t have to worry if you think you’re getting a mini sized doll. It's basically a 1 ⁄ 3 sized torso of an adult female. 

Size comparison between the Zelex Silicone Torso and the Tantaly Monroe TPE torso.

That being said you won’t be able to find any clothing for it unless you go to the kids section of a store and that might be a bit too much for some customers. I’d say just leave it nude.

The skeleton has a very limited movement range. It can only bend forward and backward and not twist side to side. 

Now the cost for the Zelex torso is very high. Nearing $1200.00. For only a few hundred more you can get a full size TPE doll and enjoy having the full sex doll experience. If you’re on a budget, the Tantaly Monroe or Aurora torso dolls are only $900 and are 1:1 scaled sized torsos. 

While the vagina and anus are very well designed, they are very tight and could be hard to use for some men due to that factor. I can barely push my finger into the doll and needed a lot of lube to even use. If you’re on the larger size then the small size of the doll isn’t going to make for an enjoyable experience. 

I believe that the Zelex torso is the step in the right direction for lower budget silicone dolls. I think there are some areas that could be improved which could greatly benefit the 2.0 version.

First up I would say go ahead and increase the size of the torso to a 1:1 scale model. This allows the customer to really get that immersive feeling while using it and not feel weird having to use a reduced size model. Add more flexibility to the torso so that it can twist and turn, giving it the ability to get into more positions.

Cover the neck bolt area up, or allow it to use regular sized heads as an add on selection. 

Gel breasts would’ve been a nice touch to the torso too. 

For the price I think there are much better options available to you. However if you’re looking for an amazing piece of art that you could have some sexy time with, then you couldn’t go wrong here. 

You can find the Zelex Silicone Torso on 3DXDolls here.

That’s it for my Zelex Torso doll review! Let me know if this was beneficial for you and I’ll plan on more product reviews. Next up will be the Tantaly Monroe doll! 

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