3DXDolls Doll Review: Monroe from Tantaly

3DXDolls Doll Review: Monroe from Tantaly

Hey everyone! 3DXdoll manager RedrobotX here with another brand new sex doll review!

This time we’re going to be looking at the full size torso doll from the wonderful people at Tantaly!

Monroe arrives.

Tantaly was kind enough to send me this doll when we joined up with them and I wanted to give you my honest review and opinions of this amazing doll. Let's begin with what I think are the best attributes of this doll and then move from there.

The Monroe torso doll is a one to one scale size torso for a real woman with a mature milf type body. She has very realistic proportions and wears about a size medium in women’s clothing. Being such she’s very easy to shop for if you want to pick up some lingerie and other sexy attire. I personally believe that this is one of the best parts of the doll as you get to indulge in some sexy cosplay and fantasy scenarios with her. 

Monroe is not what I would consider a beginner doll. She has a very realistic weight (around 68 lbs/ 33.5 kgs) and being so will require a bit of strength when positioned and moving her around. 

Body wise Monroe has amazing full breasts that are fun to squeeze and fondle due to their gel filling. 


Monroe has a tight firm stomach and a fun smackable ass. What’s great is that her ass and breast have completely different feels. Her boobs are soft and squishy with her butt still has a firmness to it that’s great to get a handful of. 


Sex with Monroe feels very good and recreates the experience of being with a real woman quite realistic. Since she’s able to get into a variety of positions it can be fun moving her around and having your way with her. Her breasts jiggle hypnotically with each thrust and it's very easy to get lost in the moment while enjoying her body. Her pussy and anus have a good depth to them so if you’re a bigger guy then you’ll have a lot of fun. If you’re on the smaller side however you might find it difficult to find a position that works for you. I recommend placing pillows or blankets under her butt to raise it up for better angles of penetration. You could also pick up some sex furniture for more fun and positions to place her in.


Since Monroe is just a torso doll, she’s very easy to hide and put away. She comes with a dust free bag to conceal her or you can place her back into her box in which she arrived as the styrofoam is moulded to her body shape. You could also fit her in a large ottoman or storage container in your closet when not in usage. 

Now here are the cons of the Monroe doll which you will have to consider before purchasing her. 

Monroe is heavy. I mean REALLY heavy. I work out 4x a week and do regular weight lifting and even I get huffing and puffing moving her around. Since she’s completely dead weight you have to be extra careful picking her up and moving her around. I would recommend laying her on a towel or large laundry basket before moving. Her joints are very stiff due to her being able to hold her position, but being such requires a lot of force to move. I’ve had occasions where I have had them locked up and then twisted the TPE out of shape trying to get them back into place. 

Monroe is not for beginners or older clients. As you can injure yourself lifting her up without good form or practice. Please keep this in mind.

Since Monroe is a TPE doll you have to be careful when placing her on darker sheets or towels as prolonged exposure can cause staining. Also the oils from TPE can leak onto your bed sheet staining them. I would recommend keeping her in the dust free bag or even the box that Monroe comes in to avoid this. It's okay to leave her out on your bed overnight, but not too long that you forget about her. I’d have her lay on top of a towel just to be careful.

Detail wise Monroe is rather bland and has only minor coloring and  detailing on her body. No skin textures or lines to think of. Kind of a blank slate. 

Also I’ve found cleaning the doll takes even longer than actually using it. As you have to wash out the vagina and anus completely to avoid any harmful bacteria from growing. Since it can be a dark damp area, you have to make sure the area is completely dry.  If bacteria and mold start to grow your doll is pretty much ruined. 

I recommend a fan and then moisture absorbing sticks. Make sure you use plenty of soap and water when bathing Monroe. Since I live with people it's not readily available for me to take her into the shower so I have to sponge bath her in my room. If you don’t wash her regularly she can start to smell a bit. Also after washing remember to powder her with TPE renewal powder to keep her skin feeling nice and fresh.

While I’m happy with Monroe I’ve probably been better off choosing her sister Aurora due to her lighter weight and more athletic looking body type

Price wise I would say Monroe is very affordable for what she has to offer. I’ve seen Silicone torso dolls go from $1500-2000 and for that price you can go ahead and buy a full size doll. If money is a factor then Monroe is well worth the price if you’re looking to get into the doll lifestyle.  You can find Monroe and all other Tantaly products here on 3DXDolls. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me at Redrobotx@3DXDolls.com

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