3DXDolls Welcomes Game Lady Dolls

3DXDolls Welcomes Game Lady Dolls

Here at 3DXDolls our goal is to provide our customers with the latest and best in the sex doll  industry.  That being said, we are proud to announce our collaboration with one of the newest and fastest growing doll companies in the world, Game Lady Dolls! 

Game Lady Dolls is a Chinese based doll manufacturer that  specializes in dolls that have an uncanny resemblance to top video game characters based on top selling franchises. But that's where the similarities end, since the unique beauty of these dolls doesn't have an equal. These are high quality silicone dolls with a higher level of detail in their touch, texture and of course appearance. This especially shines in the dolls facial features, body contour, hands, genitals and feet!  These dolls are almost 1 to 1 in their appearance to their video lookalikes and would make a great addition to your gaming memorabilia collection. 

 The first model we are featuring is Tiffany. Tiffany may well have been the muse to the character artist of a popular JRPG game available for current generation gaming consoles and PC that you may know. With her amazingly detailed facial features, costumes (which can be purchased with the doll!), she would be great making drinks behind your home bar, helping you plan eco-terrorist attacks, or fighting alongside you in battle. Check out her new page here on 3DXDolls to see all her amazing features and customization options. Also exclusive with Tiffany is a softer silicone head with moveable jaw. Just in case you want to have a “conversation” with her in private.  

3DxDolls Game Lady Tiffany


Next up is Flora. Flora is a soft and demure doll that loves collecting and raising flowers to pass out to all would be friends and companions. Like her doll sister Tiffany, Flora is made from high quality silicone for a greater level of detail and realism. She too would make a fine addition to your gaming collection and her costumes are a selectable feature if you want that level of authenticity. 

3DxDolls Gamey Lady Flora


These are just two of the wonderful new dolls we are now carrying from Game Lady Dolls. Check out more of their models in our store today.

We look forward to working with Game Lady Dolls for years to come as they increase their library of sex dolls in the coming months. I know that they have a lot planned so be on the lookout for all their newest releases here on 3DXDolls! 

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