'Free Head' Special (ends soon)

'Free Head' Special (ends soon)

3DXDolls is giving you free head!

(an extra head that is)

We, the lovely crew over at 3DXDolls, love giving our customers heads. From now until the 31st of May we are having a special promotion where you will get a free 2nd head alongside your purchase of a WM Doll! 

This is regularly a $395.00 add on option when customizing your doll.

“What’s the deal with a 2nd head?” you may ask. A 2nd head adds a bit of variety to your doll and can in some cases feel like having a completely different persona. Say you want a softer, gentler looking face, or a more chiseled hard body face, then a second head can do just that for you. 

Try the 2nd head out with different eye colors, wigs, outfits, and make up to achieve an all new look for your doll. 

While you’re selecting your doll, also check out some of the other amazing upgrades included with every purchase

  • free evo skeleton 
  • free enhanced mouth
  • free gel breasts
  • free standing feet

So what are you waiting for? Jump on this awesome deal today! 

3dxdolls.com - new dolls May 2022


3DxDolls.com - new doll Serena

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