Doll Showcase: Jinsan

Doll Showcase: Jinsan

Often in the hustle and bustle of the doll industry, sometimes a series of dolls can be overlooked and get lost in the crowd. That being said I wanted to start a recurring blog here on 3DXDolls where we showcase a brand of dolls that deserve a second look.

In this debut blog, We take another look at the incredible dolls from the Jinsan line from WMDoll.  Jinsan specializes in high quality, Asian inspired silicone sex dolls that we’re proud to have here on 3DXDolls. I believe that these dolls would make a great addition to your home as a love doll companion, but as a fashion model for any business or cosplay company! 

First up on the list is my personal favorite. Chizuru! Chizuru is a beautiful 5’3 / 163 cm silicone doll that I will personally be picking up when the time comes for me to order my first doll. With her delicate asian features, full C-cup sized breasts, and sexy booty, Chizuru is great for first time doll buyers who want to get their feet wet with ownership. Expect a full unboxing, set up, and review once she’s in. 

Next up is Ruka! Ruka comes at the same height as her doll sister Chizuru, but has much larger and fuller D-cup sized breasts. Great for a doll owner looking for a model that is easy to handle, but has a much larger bust. I would describe her face as a bit more stylized than Chizuru, but still very cute and alluring.

Reva is a striking blonde bombshell from Jinsan. This light skinned Caucasian style doll also has large full D-cup sized breasts just waiting to be played with. At 5’4 / 164 cm, Reva is waiting for you to bring her home for a lifetime of fun and adventure. 

The newest Jinsan doll to be added to our store is the life size 5’7 / 175 cm Zhang-Li! Zhang-Li is a leggy, E-cup sized stunner that is also on my own personal wish list! 


I don’t have the space to describe all the great models from Jinsan, in this blog,  butwe will come back and take an additional look in part 2. 

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