Sex Doll Care: Sex Guide 101

Sex Doll Care: Sex Guide 101
Now that we’ve covered the basic heating of your doll, now it's time for some action!


(While we write this guide mainly for hetero sex, a lot of the same principals can also relate to homosexual style sex)

When positioning your doll for the first time keep in mind your own physical limitations. If you’re not in the best of physical shape, you may want to take it easy with some traditional doggy style positions. Older dolls used to have weaker wire frame wrists that would not be able to take the weight of a doll for long periods of time. However with newer models (Especially with WM Doll’s new hands coming soon) the wrists are much better at distributing the weight of the doll without too much issue.

I don’t need to go through a step by step guide with you as you probably know what to do next. If not then there are plenty of “instructional” videos you can watch to know what to do.

If you don’t want too much of a mess you can wear a condom when having intercourse. Also newer dolls have auto lubricating vaginas so applying additional lube shouldn’t be too much of an issue. If not, be prepared to have to do a bit of cleaning afterwards. You can pull out the vagina (Or penis attachment) and give it a good rinsing. After that let it dry out in a well ventilated room. Also clean out the empty cavity using a wet wipe.

Missionary style is good for those that want a more traditional feeling when they’re with their doll. Place the doll on a flat surface and then position her legs safely on the ground. While you can be adventurous and have sex with your doll in any location, we highly recommend keeping it in the bedroom for the first time for your safety and privacy.

If you’re in a good shape and want to be a bit more creative, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl can be great positions to try, but bear in mind that you will have to balance the doll yourself to keep it from tipping over and hitting you in the face. That would be a hard black eye to explain away. I’ve seen elaborate pulley systems set up by some doll owners that can keep the doll upright, but install that at your own risk.

That’s it for this part of Sex Doll Sex Guide here on 3DXDolls. Next time we’ll go over more advance positions, accessories you can bring into the action, and novelty items such as sex toys you can use during intercourse.

Until then happy humping!

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