Irontech Gel Breasts vs Soft Gel Breasts Demo

Irontech Gel Breasts vs Soft Gel Breasts Demo

Irontech is an amazing brand we carry here at 3DXDolls that I often thinks gets overlooked by some of the bigger competitors we have on the site. That being said they have produced excellent models for us and I'd love to get more eyes on them for you.

That being said their rep was kind enough to send us a showcase of some of their latest innovations in their doll design. Their new Soft Gel bodies. Lets take a look at some of their demos together! First we have a compare and contrast between their regular gel breasts and new soft gel breasts.


Next up we have a look at their improved butts with first their regular firm ass, gel ass, and now super gel ass. Great for all you booty lovers out there!


After this we take a closer look at both the breasts and gel butt in action. Very impressive jiggly physics!

I hope you enjoyed this video demostration of Irontech. Be sure to check out their on-going mid year sale for amazing offers here!


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