Doll Spotlight: Irontech

Doll Spotlight: Irontech

Irontech is an amazing brand we carry on the shop that I think often gets overlooked by its more competitive cousins in the field. They're in the top 10 of love doll vendors and the 2nd most  frequently searched for product on Google. They put a lot of pride and joy in their products and today I felt the need to do a special spotlight on some of their newest releases here on 3DXDolls. 

Some of the things that I like about Irontech are their 3 main philosophies:

A.) The promotion of safe and healthy sexuality.

B.) Their pride in their innovative designs and doll features.

C.) Their belief that dolls can be a valuable educational and therapeutic tools in both private and consensual environments. 

Irontech has branched off into two distinct companies both catering to a variety of tastes. With the main brand, Irontech, these dolls tend to be a bit more idealized proportions. This includes slimmer waists, larger busts, and round butts. The faces are super cute and hyper feminine in their appearance. These dolls are priced competitively with their contemporaries in the doll industry like Angelkiss, Zelex, and many other high end silicone dolls. 

Their second brand, Real Lady, are based on actual scans of women and are much more realistic in their appearance. The detailing is much higher to ensure the 1:1 scaling of the models they're based on. These are the premium models for those wanting the ultimate sex doll experience. 

I wanted to give the spotlight to 3 new Irontech dolls that we got in the store last month that really stood out to me and perhaps I may add to my collection in the future once I get a bigger place. 

First up is Hayase. This gyaru style doll encompasses that awesome look you may find in the japanese subculture of dark tans, blonde hair and exaggerated makeup. Personally I find it very attractive! I love the detailing on her face with her cute expression and overall look they made for this doll. Definitely check her out!


Next up is Kitty! To me Kitty is designed to be a much more mischievous doll. She’s a good girl in public but a naughty pet in the bedroom. She also has that dark tan skin that is highly attractive and shows she’s ready for a day at the beach and a night in the hotel room with whomever is the lucky person she’s with!

Lastly we have Valentine. I can imagine Valentine being the sexy goth girlfriend that you’ve always wanted. While she’s presented here in her virginal whites I can also see her looking great in a dark somber look with black hair, lacy lingerie and garters. Perhaps that can be her next photoshoot? We will have to wait and see.

You can check out all the awesome and sexy Irontech dolls here. I'm sure we will have something to suit your taste. 

We will be doing more doll spotlights in the future as our inventory continues to grow and expand with our amazing vendors and growing selection. Stay tuned for more from 3DXDolls!


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