Doll Showcase: Zelex

Doll Showcase: Zelex

Hello! Redrobotx here with  We are proud to announce the next company to join us, Zelex! I first came across Zelex and their product line this year and was blown away by the quality of their work. That being said I knew that having them as part of our store would be amazing. I was able to get in touch with their rep and they loved what we are doing here at 3DXDolls and were more than happy to come aboard.
Joining us today to celebrate the launch of Zelex on our store is Nick! Nick is the sales rep who’s been working hand in hand with us to make sure Zelex launches with a bang! As part their special with 3DXDolls, they’re offering all new buyers of Zelex a free 2nd head to go along with your purchase. This is a huge value and adds a lot of variety to your love doll.

As you may have noticed, Zelex dolls celebrate their dolls by their incredible life-like faces, bodies, and amazing attention to detail.  Let's take a further look at Zelex with Nick. 

Hi Nick! First of all thank you very much for taking time for us here at 3DXDolls. I know you’re probably a very busy guy. Could you tell us a little about yourself? For example, how did you get involved with the doll business and a little history behind Zelex.

A: ZELEX was founded in 2017. Due to the increasing demand in the marketplace for higher quality products and greater requirements for 1 to 1 customer care. We have now integrated designs, manufacturing, sales & marketing team all-in-one to cater the needs of our agents and retail customers alike worldwide. 

Our company has a marketing and sales center in Suzhou for easy accessibilities of talented employees. Our R&D and production center is located in Zhongshan with an area of 2,000 square meters with a plan for future expansion. ZELEX has the production capacity of sex dolls for  both silicone and TPE. Our company's products combine traditional sculpture techniques and the latest 3D digital modeling technology to achieve hyper-realistic high-end dolls at affordable prices. We can offer diversified products to fulfill the needs of various requirements.

What is the main design philosophy behind Zelex? I’ve noticed that Zelex dolls tend to be more on the realistic side when it comes to proportion and character design. Do you feel that is what sets them apart from more stylized dolls? 

A: Just like stated in the question, realistic is indeed one of our design philosophies. In order to reach ultra realistic level, ZELEX has a in-house development and design team  from the start to finish (including 3D design, sculpture, mold making, makeup design, hair design and styling design), and has its own 3D scanning, 3D printing equipment as well as all the equipment for doll production. The development and design team has rich experience in wax figure development and design. Therefore, ZELEX can develop ultra-realistic sex dolls, also possible to quickly develop exclusive products for customers at affordable prices. Our in-house artists have a wealth of art creation in various film industries such as Hollywood, and have extensively collaborated with the Madam Tussauds. We are proud to say that we are the top class in China. In our opinion, realistic doll will be one of the key factors playing in the sex doll market in the near future.


What are the creative steps involved in the creation of the doll? For example, what is the general turnaround time?

A: For the creation of the doll, let’s get started with 3D design of the doll. We will print out the doll by using a 3D printing machine. With the magic hand by our sculptor, a rich in skin detail head sculpture will be sent to the factory for opening the head mold. In addition, the creation of the doll is a combination of 3D design and sculpture. Production of sex doll can be break down to four steps. First of all, install the skeleton properly inside the molds (for body only), and pour colour based silicone into the molds. Secondly, trim the seam lines of the body after solidification, and the doll should be ready to coloured (spray with sort of pigment air gun or paint with pigment) afterwards. We will fix the pigment by using a sort of ‘colour fixing agent’. By colouring the head and body, skin details were added to the surface of silicone, which makes it achieve a higher level of realisticness. Hair implantation is also a plus for silicone dolls.

Can customers order custom made dolls from Zelex?

A: Yes, we accept custom orders. Customers are able to order custom-made head/body from us. But first, the price may vary due to several factors, such as what kind of materials (photo or 3D database) that customers are able to provide us, and the genre of doll, is it anime doll or lifelike doll? 

Well, it is kinda a big project which needs deeper communication.

What do you think is the main difference between Silicone and TPE dolls? Will one eventually replace the other? 

A: First of all, they are made of two different materials, lol. A real human-shaped doll can be easily created by using TPE as well as Silicone. However, by using platinum, non-toxic silicone, real human skin details can be easily sprayed at the surface of silicone. The surface of silicone products is imprinted with skin texture and blood vessels with sophisticated face and body make up to achieve super real visual effects like real human skin. 

TPE stands for Thermoplastic elastomer, which is much softer than Silicone in case of ductility. Anime BBW body shape can be easily produced by using TPE. However, TPE dolls have nothing to do with reality - skin details cannot stay long on a TPE doll, which is one of  the main differences between Silicone and TPE dolls.

Compared to the Silicone with TPE, Silicone has a wider space for further creation, which allows love dolls to reach a higher level of reality. On the other hand, the elasticity of Silicone is much closer to our muscle, as well-known, Silicone is a common material for cosmetic surgery. Furthermore, Silicone is much easier in terms of storage compared to TPE.

Based on our research, Silicone dolls market is different from TPE dolls market. We haven’t seen any trend that one of them will eventually replace the other yet. But it takes time for sex doll buyer to accept Silicone dolls.

What do you think makes Zelex stand apart from other Doll manufacturers?  

A: ZELEX is one of the few manufacturers in the industry that can produce both silicone and TPE products. Hence more choices for the product mix. We adopt lean manufacturing methods to deliver better quality products at a greater speed than our competitors. ZELEX gathers a group of people specializing in designing, photographing, manufacturing, marketing and selling, which makes us stand apart from our competitors. ZELEX rich in research & development. Besides having a sizable production team, we’re able to provide our customer with a wider range of customization. Our design team keeps following the daily market trend, thus we have more creative ideas in designing love dolls. 

Has Zelex had any breakout models in the recent year? One that customers seem to enjoy the most? 

A: Head #GE45 Carmen and #GE53 Scarlett with 170 full silicone dolls should be our hottest model. Both of them were made by scanning from a real person.


What does the future hold for Zelex? Any hints on what’s on the horizon? For example, what do you think love dolls will be like in 5 years and then in 10?

A: We will be focusing on reaching a higher level of reality in the near future. Also, while we are working on reaching a higher level of reality, we think about what we can do to make our customer mentally satisfied. We’re always on the way to figure out the demands of our customers. 

Love doll is now getting more and more popular around the world, it is more than a sex toy but companion.

Do you think Zelex could go mainstream with making action figures of licensed products from games and movies? 

A: Based on the previous answers, we focus on manufacturing ultra realistic love dolls. In which it may be related to characters from games and movies. We’re actually welcome for any possibility - we’d like to work with companies focusing on games and movies!

Where would you like to see the Doll industry go in the rest of 2023 and 2024?

A: Doll industry is now growing much faster than expected. Love dolls is more than a sex toy for most of buyers, our clients bought the doll from us, dressed her up and watch TV with her. It is now a companion for most of the customers. We believe that the Doll industry will keep growing in the rest of 2023 and in the near future.

 Do the pandemic see a spike in sales or a decrease in order? 

A: We’re still very new to the market. Based on selling data from previous months, days around Black Friday seem like a peak season. From what we see there’s no huge drop/rise in terms of sales. However, it is reasonable for customers to purchase their ideal love dolls during lockdown due to COVID-19.

We want to thank Nick for taking time out to talk to us here at 3DXDolls. Be on the lookout for some exclusive deals we have coming with Zelex and their future line up of love dolls! 

Zelex also has some amazing new innovations coming with their doll line up with their Inspiration Line that is currently arriving. Check out the new features listed below to see what’s coming! 


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