Design your Waifu Contest Guidelines and Rules

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Design your Waifu Contest Guidelines and Rules

Design your Waifu Contest

3DxDolls, in collaboration with WM Dolls and, is proud to announce the very first ever "Design your Waifu" contest! This one of a kind contest allows you, the cultured 3D artist/modeler, to submit your original 3D character for a chance to have her enter the real world via the doll manufacturing technology of WM Dolls!

Not only will your character be transformed from mere pixels to a fully life-sized doll, she will also be the first exclusive model to be featured on We are looking for a breathtaking beauty that is going to take the 3DX and doll world by storm: the new face for 3DxDolls for the upcoming future.

Your doll (valued at US$2,800) will receive a professional photo shoot, video commercial, and social media campaign. She'll even earn you passive income through commissions at our store.

What if I'm not a 3D artist, can I still participate?

Yes, everyone will get a chance to win. We'll be giving away a 2nd doll of the winning model! The top 10 entries will be short-listed for a public vote. A winner will be randomly selected from those who vote on the winning entry. Make sure to read the full list of entry requirements at the time of the vote.

How will the contest work?

The general contest will be open to all published 3D artists who will submit their 3D character as a post on Participants will have their original character model judged on categories such as originality, creativity, presentation, marketability, and attractiveness. Contest judges will short-list the top 10 entries, then those top 10 entries will be subject to a public vote that will determine the final winner. 

How to submit your entry?

  • Go to and create a free account
  • Use the post media function to submit your entry
  • Give your entry the #designyourwaifu tag
  • Your entry must be in line with the contest rules below

What are the prizes?

  • 1st prize winner of the public vote
    • Your doll shipped to your door (worth US$2800)
    • A professional photo shoot for your doll
    • A video commercial for your doll
    • A social media campaign for your doll
    • 50% profit commission for every purchase of your doll! (Awesome, right!?)
    • Artist interview and socials exposure
  • 2nd prize - cash US$500
  • 3rd prize - cash US$250
  • Random vote winner prize
    • 1 doll shipped to your door (worth US$2800)

Contest rules for 3D artists

  • All submissions must be published by 11:59pm GMT-11 Dec 20 2021
  • Must include at least 1 quality render of a good full body view of the character. You may submit multiple renders. You may also submit multiple characters, however a maximum of 2 of your characters may be selected for the top 10 public vote.
  • The submitted model must be an original character created by the artist.
  • We do not allow pre-made purchased models.
  • We do allow entries based on existing figures that have been significantly modified via morphs, sculpting or modelling to qualify as a unique character. Character merchant resources are acceptable. 
  • We do not allow characters based on existing IPs, i.e., models lifted from existing properties such as video games, movies, or animated features. 
  • No Zrwap or copied meshes. 
  • Models must be humanoid females. No male characters or fantasy races (furries, aliens, futanari, etc.) will be accepted with the exception of elves.
  • Models must have realistic or anime/stylized inspired proportions (No 7-9ft women with Double M cup breasts, two vaginas, etc.). No extreme body types (morbidly obese models, super muscular, etc.).
  • No models under a height of 155cm (5’1’’) will be accepted. Models must not have a very young or childlike appearance. 
  • Models with custom skin decorations such as tattoos may be submitted so long as they’re light and not a dominant feature. Skin decoration will not be transferred to the doll.
  • The artist retains the copyright to the character. The artist provides a 3D model of their winning character to 3DxDolls. The artist grants 3DxDolls a non-exclusive, royalty-free, unlimited, perpetual license to use the character as they see fit including doll manufacture, distribution, sub-licensing, selling and promotion of the character and character's likeness. In return the artist receives the prizes outlined above.
  • All legal contracts that outline commission, usage, etc will be presented to the winner at the conclusion of the contest. If at that point the winner chooses not to accept the contract they will forgo the prize and the runner up will be selected as the winner and so forth. This allows the most flexibility for both 3DxDolls and the artist to retain copyright and earn income through Patreon/image sets sales/etc., while 3DxDolls gets the right to market and sell the dolls of the character.
  • The artist earns additional income through commission for each doll sold (up to 50%).
  • The artist will provide additional renders of the winning character and will be paid  for whatever 3DxDolls and the artist agree is a reasonable fee.

    Contest rules for voters

    • You will need to have voted on the winning entry. Check for additional rules at the time of the public vote.



    Do I have to be a professional modeler to enter this contest?

    People of all skill levels are welcome to enter, be it that you’re a professional modeler, hobbyist, or starting amateur. What we are looking for is your unique vision and creativity in your submission.

    What kind of characters are you looking for in this contest?

    We are looking for models that are eye catching, fun, sexy, alluring, and breathtaking. Good presentation will help your contest submission.

    Can my model have usual skin color like green, blue, red, etc?

    While it is possible to have a skin tone of an usual color it not recommend as it increase the difficulty of creating the doll. 


    Any preferences in terms of ass/boob size, body types, ethnicity, etc.?

    All races, body types, boob and ass shapes and sizes are welcome. More important is a unique and eye catching overall look with a solid focus on mass appeal.

    Why only female models? What about male/trans/futa models?

    While futanari are a very popular genre in the world of 3DX, there are certain limitations we’re subjected to with the manufacturing of dolls. (There are penis attachments available to purchase on our site that can turn your existing doll into a futanari style companion.) Female dolls are the highest in demand, however if there is enough interest we will look into running contests with female, male, and possibly futa/dgirls models in the future.

    What should I include in my submission?

    Your submission should be your very best work featuring your original character(s). We are looking for 2-3 fully rendered shots with at least 1 full body shot. You may want to include full body front and back renders of the character in the A or T-pose. 

    Add a short character bio of your model. Tell us about her and why we should choose her as our first exclusive model! A short paragraph will work. Also welcome are basic stats of your character such as height, weight, measurements, cup size, etc. If you cannot give an accurate measurement of your figure, please use your best guess. 

    How will judging take place?

    We prefer the model to be an original character and creation, but we do realize that unintended similarities may occur. Models clearly based on celebrities, political, or historical figures, will not be allowed in this contest.

    Can the submission be collaborative, say a small studio?

    At this time we’re only looking for solo submissions. No teams or collaborations. Due to the doll being exclusive to the 3DxDolls store, we are refraining from having submissions sent in by full indie game studios and developers. If you are interested in having a doll made for your game project or for promotion material, feel free to contact us directly on how we can work with you.

    What software can I use?

    Any 3D modeling program used in the creation of your model is accepted.

    What if I want to submit, but I can’t accept the doll (e.g. privacy reasons, legal reasons, etc.). Will there be an alternate first prize?

    If you cannot or do not wish to receive the doll to your residence you may opt to have it sent to any other person of your choice, or have us randomly select for you. Alternatively you may elect to receive an equivalent store credit with or cash prize of US$1000 instead.

    Can I keep my real name private if I win the prize?

    Yes, your real name and identity will be kept strictly confidential throughout the contest. Personal information will only be used to deliver your doll and for the purpose of payment where required. Only your artist name will be used. 

    I'm a 2D artist, can I enter the contest too?

    Unfortunately at this time we are only considering 3D artists, however we are considering opening up the contest to 2D artists in the future as well.

    I’m interested in buying a doll, but what if I win the contest?

    If we can confirm your winning entry via your email, you’ll be eligible to receive a full refund on your purchase, so you won’t have to wait for the conclusion of the contest.

    I have more questions!

    Please comment below, use our contact form, or email

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    • Posted on by Futa lover

      So sad you are not allowing futanari. I’m probably wrong but I suspect there is a pent up demand for a doll based on Miro or TheDude3DX’s work (both original characters) that is not being covered currently. I’m also just guessing that futanari fans like myself would be willing to pay for a doll if it was well designed and they new it existed.

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